By: Robert J. Pliska, CRE, CPA, MBA; Owner/Managing Director – SVN Property Investment Associates, LLC; Birmingham (Detroit), Michigan

The SVN 2019 Annual Conference was held in March, 2019 in Miami, Florida. The conference included many outstanding speakers such as Ryan Estis, Mark Dotzour, Brian Bailey and Mike LIpsey. There were many commercial and investment real estate, economic and company updates.

25 Quick Takeaways from the 2019 SVN Annual Conference

1. SVN had its best year ever – billions in sales! SVN continues to rank as a top 6 commercial real estate brand in independent surveys.
2. SVN added 21 new offices – now well over 200. Core services include sales, leasing, tenant representation, property management and corporate
3. SVN continues its global expansion – Australia, New Zealand, Romania and Switzerland.
4. Great associates are driven, do not conform, always follow up, value cooperation
5. Ask for referrals – one of the best sources of new business!
6. Don’t give up! Don’t ever give up! Persistence! “Don’t stop believing”
7. Be passionate! Have enthusiasm! Attitude!
8. Every day we should – “laugh, think, cry” – Jim Valvano; also dream, work hard, enthusiasm, hope, don’t ever give up
9. Human interaction matters – 74% of U.S. consumers want more; Relationships are key!
10. What people value most in customer experience – efficiency, convenience, service; Starbucks – in the “connection business”; emphasis on culture – “people first”
11. 53% of investment sales are from infrequent buyers – why the SVN Difference is important to clients, properties for sale and listings.
12. Target potential investors and brokers in immediately adjacent cities – finding opportunities!
13. Find people who can help find buyers; be in places of influence
14. Customers don’t necessarily buy on price i.e. Starbucks.
15. Sales audit – what commitment did you earn; did you confirm; next commitment objective
16. Good associates need to be able to tell good stories. We all like a good story or two – sales, presentations, etc
17. Cannabis is a new “growing opportunity” in U.S. with many “joint ventures”. New regulations need to be followed which are ever adjusting – be up to date – locally, state and federal.
18. Opportunity zones are currently a beneficial approach to real estate investment for many real estate investors. Be knowledgeable. Inform clients.
19. Negotiation has many tactics including “emotion”, “the bogey” and “the charmer”. Be aware of them.
20. Economy – there are many reasons that 2019 could be slower even though the economy continues to hum along at high levels.
21. SFR – Single Family Residential – rental single-family homes in portfolios is a fast-growing real estate investment opportunity. SVN is at the forefront!
22. Technology continues to impact commercial real estate with many new approaches.
23. Conscious capitalism is a strategy that creates a better world for everyone; has impact on real estate and our way of life.
24. Artificial intelligence is continuing to progress forward with substantial impact on commercial real estate. Good associates keep up! Be prepared!
25. Prepare to win! SVN can assist in obtaining great results for your commercial and investment real estate. Just ask us!