25 Quick Takeaways from the SVN 2018 Annual Conference

By: Robert J. Pliska, CRE, CPA, MBA; Managing Director – SVN Property Investment Associates, LLC; Birmingham (Detroit), Michigan

The SVN 2018 Annual Conference was held in March 2018 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The conference included many outstanding speakers such as Dr. Mark Dotzour and Coach Carter.  There were many commercial and investment real estate, economic and company updates.

1. SVN has now over 1600 associates and staff with over 220 offices in 7 countries.
2. SVN is the fastest growing commercial real estate company in the category of transactions $20 million and under.
3. Leasing is now 40 % of SVN’s transactions which includes tenant representation.
4. SVN has 15 million twitter followers with all its entities.
5. SVN is ranked #6 in the Lipsey Survey of commercial real estate brands.
6. SVN’s core services area include sales, leasing, corporate, tenant representation and property management.
7. The current economic environment shows “clear sailing ahead”.
8. As long as we are creating jobs, the economy will be improving.
9. Small businesses are exploding after the tax reform. There is tremendous optimism.
10. More capital is now going to Europe and Japan versus recently it was primarily the U.S.
11. More money is going to U.S. secondary markets versus the U.S. gateway cities for higher yield.
12. Raising short term rates has little impact on long term rates. Long term rates are more impacted by the global investment community.
13. In long term rates, if confidence is lost, they will go up. Long term rates impact mortgages.
14. The UPS labor contract in July, 2018 may impact what many other corporations will do.
15. Currently the “deficit hawks” are in the back seat.
16. Increases in rates may not significantly impact cap rates due to the current large gap between them.
17. Preach what you practice – integrity, accountability and people do business with people they know and like.
18. Writing down goals will allow 10 times more assurance that they will be achieved.
19. Generations X (approx. 1965 to 1976) have challenges – less pensions, more debt, less savings and they rent more than they own.
20. Designs incorporating nature in the property will be more prevalent.
21. Per studies, cold calling has been found to be the more effective way to obtain new business.
22. Top SVN associates do cold calling.
23. Initial hellos in calls should be important, current, usable and short.
24. SVN has a unique approach to commercial real estate that uses collaboration across the entire industry to deliver better results for our clients.
25. SVN can assist you in obtaining great results for your commercial real estate. Just ask us!