Dear Member,

Today we introduce a redesigned CRE logo, which symbolizes the energy and momentum of the 21st century CRE organization.  We do this with great pride, marking our 60th year since The Counselors was formed.

The new design is a clean and modern CRE symbol with the formal name of our organization shown in a more traditional type style.  The red arc reflects our increasing global presence.

Most importantly, the CRE name is now shown in a highly distinctive way, one which will not be confused with other uses of the letters “CRE.”  Wherever our logo appears, it will now uniquely depict The Counselors of Real Estate.

Our Board of Directors and the CRE Communications Committee, led by CREs David Hooks and Robert Pliska, worked together to ensure that, for the first time in over 20 years, an updated and professional brand mark was developed. 

In coming weeks, the new CRE logo will appear in communications such as letters, email, the CRE website and publications.  You will receive an easy to follow brochure explaining usage guidelines, and downloadable logos will be available soon in the Members Only section of our website.  The CRE staff will be happy to work with you to add the logo to your website, business cards or presentations — all of which help increase the visibility and recognition of The Counselors and the CRE credential you have earned.  Customized chapter logos will be sent directly to chapter leaders for use at the local level in support of chapter activities.

I look forward to the increased recognition of The Counselors of Real Estate and the CRE credential which our newly designed brand mark will achieve in the global real estate community.  I encourage you to join me in proudly displaying it.


Howard C. Gelbtuch, CRE 2013 Chair of the Board