25 Quick Key Takeaways from the SVN 2017 30th Anniversary Annual Conference
1. 2016 was a good year for SVN – over $10 Billion against a flat market in commercial and investment real estate
2. SVN has over 200 offices – the largest number in the industry
3. SVN is global – offices include Canada, Mexico, Poland, S. Korea and Russia
4. SVN since its inception “creates amazing value with our client, colleagues and community”.
5. SVN is open, collaborative and transparent
6. Think big – be in it to win it!
7. Have the right mindset.
8. Become engaged.
9. Harness the power of the SVN Difference.
10. Use the SVN Core Covenants as our guide throughout.
11. Follow the system.
12. Honesty is a competitive advantage
13. Coop deals average 9.6% more to investor/owners – an SVN difference.
14. 65% of investor deals are across state lines.
15. Create and maintain close links with SVN franchisees
16. Focus on customer service and satisfaction.
17. Have a plan and visualize
18. Get involved with your local community
19. The current economy has large energy left.
20. Consumer confidence is up.
21. Look for problems/opportunities that can be solved with our services
22. Prepare quality and informative property packages with great photos
23. Ask good questions to generate deal flow
24. Become obsessive about your numbers
25. One in four buyers are new to the buyer pool